Help save the indie kids!


  • Easy to pick up
  • Great presentation and sound
  • Unlockable hard mode


  • Short

Very good

Pandaland is a Swedish retro style platform game, where you must help an indie kid to save his friends from frat-style enemies, bar girls, paparazzi and more.

This is a short indie game, with only three stages and a boss level, but it's presented in bright old-school graphics, with excellent music, and plays really smoothly. Most of the platform standards are here - objects to collect, power ups, secret areas, and an inability to swim.

The pace of the gameplay is just right - it moves quickly, which feels perfect for such a simple game. You kill enemies by firing fruit at them, not jumping on them, and your ammunition is unlimited. It's not very hard - the keyboard controls are good, and no-one should have any trouble beating the game. When you do, you open up a hard mode, with a new character to play, and some different and faster enemies, which gives Pandaland a bit more longevity.

Pandaland is like Mario for the indie kids, and is a well polished, enjoyable if short platform game.




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